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Saint Sava, Enlightener of Serbia
5.25 x 6.25 inches

Sava was born in 1169, the son of the great Serbian leader Stefan Nemanja. Early in life, Sava escaped the turmoil of the Balkan wars and became a monk of Mount Athos. Later in life, his father joined him, and became the monk Simeon. When Sava matured in years, he obtained from the Emperor and the Patriarch independence for the Serbian Church, and became its first archbishop. He made peace among warring factions within his family, his Church, his state, and with Serbia’s neighbors. Saint Sava is revered as patron of the people of Serbia; founder of Serbia and Serbian culture. Saint Sava reposed peacefully in 1236.

Thou wast a guide to the way of life, both Hierarch and teacher; thou didst come and enlighten thy country of Serbia O Sava, and give it rebirth by the Holy Spirit. Thou hast planted thy children like olive trees in a spiritual paradise. O Equal of the Apostles and Saints, pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

We suggest these glazes for this tile:
Transparent, or Oxide on Brown Clay