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Saint Vlasios
8.5 x 10.25 inches

Saint Vlasios (or Blaise, in the West) was Bishop of Sebaste during the IV-century Roman persecutions. Having been forced to hide in the mountains, the Saint was captured as he prayed, surrounded by the animals he had befriended and healed. Saint Vlasios was made a martyr in 316, and is revered as the patron of wild animals. The Saint is shown as he blesses both the animals and his captor. The ox, stag, goat, wolf and lion are typical XIII-century forms. Above is the Mandylion, or The Savior Not Made By Hands. Framing the center are some of the animals the Saint loved, and above each, its home; whether ocean, forest or farmhouse. At top left is the three-headed eagle of Russian folklore, which lives in a kremlin. At top right is the Lion of Judah. It lives in the sun. We hope you might use this piece to provide fruit or seeds for the birds which Saint Vlasios loved so well.

O Unfading bloom, thou Godly shoot and fruitful branch of Christ God the vine, O holy and God-bearing Vlasios, do thou fill with joy them that with faith observe thy memorial; and unceasingly intercede with Christ our Redeemer that we all be saved.

We suggest these glazes for this tile:
Transparent center, with Transparent or Oxide frame