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The Archangel Gabriel
1.3 x 2 inches

One of the four named Archangels, Gabriel is the bearer of glad tidings. In the Book of Daniel, Gabriel is an interpreter of visions and announces the coming of the Messiah. In the Gospels, he tells of the birth of John the Baptist and announces the incarnation of Jesus. Legend asociates Gabriel with the angel of the fiery sword, barring the entrance to the Garden of Eden, and also with announcing the end of all earthly things. The Archangel Gabriel is celebrated July 13. The small tile is a typical North Russian depiction of the Archangel, who caries both a doorkeeper staff and an orb. In Russian churches, Gabriel is stationed on the Deacon Door to the right of the Royal Doors, and can easily be identified by the way he faces the viewer.

Supreme leader of the heavenly host, we implore thee that by thy prayers thou wilt encircle us, unworthy as we are, with the protection of the wings of thy immaterial glory, and guard us who fall down before thee and cry: Deliver us from dangers, for thou art the commander of the Powers above.

We suggest these glazes for this tile:
Transparent or Jade