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The First Joy of Mary
7.75 x 7.75 inches

The first great joy that Mary had, it was the joy of One To see her dear Son Jesus Christ when He was first her Son. When He was first her Son, good man, and blessed may He be, The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for all eternity.

From an ongoing series of scenes from the life of Mary, The text comes from a traditional Irish carol, which is itself from an earlier Latin text. The First Joy of Mary is a traditional depiction of the Nativity. Mother and Child are shown resting in a cave, attended to by an ox, an ass, an angel, and a representation of the Trinity. To the left is Centaurea, whose flowers grow in the form of the Magen David. To the right is clover, whose three leaves remind us of the Trinity. At the four corners are the angel, eagle, ox and lion, which are associated with the four gospel writers.

We suggest these glazes for this tile:
Transparent or Oxide