Sligo Creek Tile Co.

Sligo Creek Tile Co.


Here are some of our friends, our supporters, and some of the things we think are important:

Our Retailers:
Sligo Creek Tile Company maintains a select group of retailers. They have helped to get us where we are, and we ask that you visit them. Some of them are:

Dancing Eye Gallery - Located in Northville, MI, Dancing Eye offers a fine selection of handmade tiles, jewelry and crafts.

Once Upon A Tile - Located in Fitchburg, MA, is one of the northeast's premier tile showrooms.

Dancing Eye Gallery - Located in Northville, MI, Dancing Eye offers a fine selection of handmade tiles, jewelry and crafts.

Center for Byzantine Material Arts - In Washington,  DC, the CBMA is devoted to teaching the techniques and history of the material ecclesiastical arts that have been cultivated in the Byzantine world and its religious and cultural commonwealth.  Lecture programs and courses are offered, as are the works of selected iconographers, in a variety of traditional media.

Our Tile Friends:
Here are some of the folks who help keep it all going.

The Tile Heritage Foundation - The THF is the heart and soul of the tile industry. It serves as the voice of a far-flung community of tile makers, collectors, researchers and enthusiasts.

Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society - A great organization and a fantastic site for collectors, artists and academics.

Moravian Pottery and Tile Works - Here, handmade tiles are still made much as founder Henry Chapman Mercer did from 1898 until his death in 1930. In beautiful Doylestown, PA, Moravian Pottery and its Bucks County surroundings are well worth a visit.

Pewabic Pottery - Founded in 1903, Pewabic is a non profit ceramic art education center, as well as a working pottery. It is truly a jewel in Detroit's cultural crown.

The Handmade Tile Association - This living, growing tile community started in Minnesota, but now it's nationwide. Characterized by consistent high quality and boundless energy, it represents the future of modern tile making.


And some of the things we think are really important:

Companion Animals Rescue Alliance - We support these animals, and the fine people who help them. Perhaps there is room in your home and your heart for a new companion.

Winn Feline Foundation - Winn is a non-profit organization which supports studies to improve cat health. The Bria Fund was created to fund research on feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) - a disease with no cure which attacks kittens. It took Charlie. Our little guy who never grew up.