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Sligo Creek Tile Co.

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This section will allow us to post news about Sligo Creek, our tiles, and our schedule of events. Please check back for updates. Thank you for your interest and support.

October, 2019

We are sorry to tell you that our dear Lila passed away on October 9.  She was 18.  Our cat adoption angel brought her here on 9/11, wanting to show us the prettiest kitten she had ever seen.  She had been on adoption errands all day and had not even heard what was going on that terrible day.  We sat in the kitchen talking about the frightening things in the world, and somehow the wiggly black kitten snuggling between my shoes made things a little brighter.   Of course we had to adopt Lila, and Lila adopted us as well.  We miss her.

Think not, thou canst sigh a sigh,

And thy maker is not by.

Think not, thou canst weep a tear,

And thy maker is not near.

O! He gives to us His joy,

That our grief He may destroy

Till our grief is fled & gone

He doth sit by us and moan.

                -William Blake

April, 2019

Another year older and deeper in debt, as they say.  Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you.  The months have been pretty full, but mostly with custom work, and not really the kind of things for the website.  No complaints here - if you have a custom idea and we can draw it, we can make it for you out of clay and it will last for 6000 years.

A few shows of note:  Indigenous Gallery, in Cincinnati, Ohio, is hosting its tenth artTile exhibit from April 19 to June 16.  A wide selection of our tiles may be had there.  In addition, you can see us in person, surrounded by our work at Moravian Pottery's 21st Annual Tilie Festival, under the tent on the historic grounds of the old Pottery in Doylestown, PA, on May 18 and 19.  Come and talk tiles with us, see our latest work and the work of thirty or so other tile makers from around the world, and tour the historic tile works.  This one has always been like a family reunion for us.  And our Michigan friends can once again see our work at Pewabic Pottery's House and Garden Show, June 6 through 9, in the parking lot on the Pottery gounds in Detroit.  All three galleries have been enthusiastic supporters of the program over the years, and our thanks go out to them!  And have a great Summer!

June, 2018

A lot has happened in a year, and of course we are behind in notifying you of new designs.  A few which might be of interest are Pretty Girl 1 and Pretty Girl 2, that we are pretty proud of, and that Lila agrees are very pretty.  Also Sophie & Her Bowl, that shows our beloved Sophie in a characteristic pose.  What eyes!  We also have two new Slovenly Peter tiles that people have been asking us to make for years:  The Hunter And The Hare and The Hare Hunts The Hunter .  Have fun!


May, 2017

We are sorry to tell our friends that Sophie has died.  Her fierce little soul left us on May 2.  She was our companion for 15 years.  

                 For the Cherub Cat is a term of the Angel Tiger.

                                                          -Christopher Smart